Wednesday, August 27, 2014

President Aquino's 2nd term?

PNoy's 2nd Term? Is it worth fighting for?

When President Aquino finishes his term on 2016 he should just give chance to others who are more deserving to lead the Philippines.

The President is elected by direct vote by the people for a term of six years and he may only serve for one term, and is ineligible for re-election.

Lately, PNoy's intention of running again to be president is creating abuzz in social media.

Isn't it illogical?

Yes he was a good leader like many people would say but

Why don't we examine if he still deserves another term:

1. He was first. One of his platform is to fight corruption. During his fist years it was effective. But later on things has changed. Many politician became rich. We don't want a future leader who is corrupt.

2. He was great...President Aquino is in favor of abolishing the existing priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel. It was a great news. But did it really abolished the funds that were supposed to be for government project? or it was just a diversion to insist DAP which he claims legal and PDAF is not.

3. Traffic problems. Failure to appoint great leaders of government divisions like Abaya who was chosen as DOTC head but don't really have the suitable and relevant background and experience in resolving transportation problems.

4. More and more corruption. More people with vested interest in the country's finances. President Aquino is not corrupt but most of his officials are and he's just blinding blinding about it when he should be taking professional actions.

5. During Cory Aquino's term, the constitution states that no president can be president again for  to put this in another way, the biggest irony is that the 1987 Constitution is referred to by the spirit and name of his mother, and suddenly, the son is changing it possibly as he desires?

There's many to mention but one thing is for sure - PNoy' s second term is a not a good idea for the country.


I wish what were laid and brought up were true and wish these could be sustained and carried over by the next generations of administrations.

We're expecting more from him, hate him when it's not deliver on time. Most Filipinos did almost depend on our leaders when typhoons visited the Philippines. But I think, they should push themselves too, to stand again for whatever the government were giving to them. They expect too much from the government, that they became lazy, waiting for any support.

Crossing my fingers that the figures given is accurate. But I agree, much have change sa national security.

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